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LocksBnB offers a range of smartlocks for your Airbnb accommodation enabling you to use digital keys instead of metal keys so that it can;

  • take the pain out of the key handover/key management
  • to make life easier for you and your guest
  • to increase your bookings by having a secure, convenient, competitive advantage
  • to give you ultimate piece of mind knowing that no-one else out there has a copy of your metal key

Secure your property with smartlocks and use lock management software and smartphone apps to generate time-sensitive digital keys (digital keys that only work for the time period you specify) and email/SMS those digital keys to your guests so they can unlock your door only for the time of their booking without having to use a metal key. You never have to visit the lock/reset it. Take the smart lock questionnaire by clicking here to learn what is the right smart lock for your property.

Depending on which smartlock you order, your digital keys can be in the form of a time-sensitive PIN, a smartphone app, or a card/fob. Get a secure piece of mind for your property, and for you, your family and your guests with smartlocks. Just like a keycard system used by 5 star hotels, but smarter! LEARN MORE about smartlocks here.


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